Food trends for 2011 | delicious. Magazine food articles & advice


Trends include:

1. A carnivore with a conscience. Like Meat Free Monday, I’ve adopted Vegetarian Vendredi. I would rather start my week with meat and end it lighter.

2. Sustainable Fish. For 2011, I’m trying to cook fish twice a week. Sustainable only. Fish2Fork is a great resource for a sustainable seafood experience, including a guide to restaurants in the area that serve sustainable fish: http://seewhatihear.blogspot.com/2010/11/tilapia-i-love-ya.html

Gourmet doughnuts seem a bit 2009 for me, ever since enjoying the most amazing doughnuts in Bali. I am keeping in mind that this is written for the UK audience, cause all Americans know that food trucks are soooo 2010.



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