Range Rover Evoque

I’m not usually one to dote on car campaigns but I am quite intrigued by Range Rover’s Pulse of the City campaign for the Evoque. Not surprising as I am a sucker for anything related to travel, interactive media, digital art – yada yada – throw in a cute car that I wouldn’t mind tooling around town in, et voila, here we are at this post. 

The all-new 2012 Range Rover Evoque was inspired by the shapes, sounds and people that make up major cities across the world (their words not mine). The campaign centers around a day in the life of the individuals that shape these cities, artists, designers, musicians, etc. – this day just happens to be spent in a GPS tracked Range Rover Evoque. 

While the NYC episodes fell flat for me – Who drives in NYC except for Connecticut moms here for a night out of the town?  Certainly not the emerging artist hipster in Brooklyn – and I was a bit disturbed by one of the LA stories as it was a recipe for a DUI, I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through the other journeys.  Os Gemos (who I am mildly obsessed with) contributing to the Sao Paulo edition (http://www.helloevoque.com/#/journey?jid=3552&id=13&cpid=219) really upped the stickiness of the campaign.  While I could not fathom driving in Sao Paulo and following their exacts tracks would be a bit too stalker-like, perhaps maybe if I were in an Evoque, I could get past all of that. 



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