Staycation Day One: What I Did Today

10:30 AM Made a dinner reservation at Brooklyn Fare. Quite a major achievement (and a team effort since it was my friend Georgie who actually made it through) since they only take reservations at 10:30 on Mondays for the sixth week ahead of the date you call.


The reservation was such a momentous occasion that I celebrated by lounging on the coach and taking a nap.  I really like Staycations.

3:30 PM Visited the Lomography Gallery

My new friend Marina, in town from London, is a photo buff like me.  We were both like kids in a candy store playing with the different types of cameras.  My favorite find: the instant film backing for the Diana. With it you can create polaroid like pics.  And since it allows for multiple exposures, you can get shots with great vignettes.  You can don’t that with a Polaroid!  Will be adding this to my holiday wishlist for sure.


4:30 PM People Watching at Washington Square Park


I was telling Marina about the Lightsabre Battle that I recently went to at Washington Square Park and we both expounded on how NYC is so great because the most random and amazing things happen when you least expect it…and then the most random and amazing thing happened.  I still don’t know if I would call them performers, though I should give them that much credit since they did amuse and entertain us…until it got a little too weird and we had to walk away.  In about ten minutes: the “performers” scared away the waiting audience, were heckled by a religious fanatic, and gave a private performance to Marina until one started spitting on her.  Only in NYC.

8:00 PM Made a Yummy Dinner of Roasted Chicken with Brussels Sprouts



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