60+ Instrumental Tracks You Need to Listen to

While my love for music with words is well documented, I appreciate a great instrumental every now and then. Thanks to the folks of Music Ninja for compiling this playlist of over 60 instrumental tracks that are worth a listen.

Broken down by categories, Ambient/Atmospheric/Exprimental, Post Rock and Dance/Groovy/Pop, I occasionally let this play when I just need to buckle down and get to work, without the temptation of singing along. (Come on! Everyone gets distracted that way.)

My faves, not surprisingly, fall in the dance/groovy/pop category, like the following, but the entire playlist is quite good.

Bonobo – Kiara

royskopp – eple

Tycho – Coastal Brake

Check out the entire playlist here.

And if you must have your music with words, there’s always this.



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