Amsterdam, Things I Ate

4 Stars: Cafe Bern

Entrecote fondue. Garlic salad. Nom nom nom nom.

That’s right – went to a fondue restaurant but didn’t have the typical dip veg, bread, meat into melted cheese fondue. But that’s ok. Better than ok. Instead the entrecote fondue is rare steak served with a cooled, herbalicious sauce. Placed on the flame, the sauce melts and the steak cooks just a lil bit more. Frankly, I thought the rare steak was served perfectly but I like my cow still mooing when I eat it. I just barely swished the steak around in the sauce, just to warm it slightly. Mmmmm.

They do serve a LOT of bread with dinner. I sopped up the garlic dressing from the salad with the bread. And mopped up the remainder of the fondue sauce. But all in all, I’m pretty sure I ate a half a loaf of French bread so I’m not sure how full I would actually have been if I were less of a carbaholic and just ate the salad and steak/fondue.

The decor inside is simple. The service is fast. It really was a pleasant dining experience and will definitely be back.

Read more about Cafe Bern.



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