Nomnomnom! Yuuuuuum.

Good to be home. Thanks brother! #pizza #yum via Instagram http://ift.tt/1uovDmT

Yelpers and Instagrammers of Amsterdam Collide

In a good way. This Friday is the opening of the Yelp pop-up photo gallery that will feature the winners of the Best of 2014 – Inspiration for 2014 photo contest. I will be there. Will you? Pssst. The opening is sponsored… RSVP to be on the invite list here.

The contest is still open. Maybe your photo will be chosen to be displayed. Here are the rules:

* Follow @ igersamsterdam on Instagram
* Tag your photos between 1 and 30 January ( deadline ) with # iga_yelp_2014
* The theme is “Best of 2014 – Inspiration for 2014 ” , it could be anything, like a great dish you’ve eaten – a snazzy snapshot of a museum or the canals of Amsterdam, as long as it is Amsterdam- related.
* Is the image representative for an Amsterdam business? Post it on Yelp!
* Judges ruling is final

GO Gallery
Prinsengracht 64 BG-
1015 DX Amsterdam
Friday 17.30 to 20h

The gallery is open from 31 January to 2 February. So if you can’t miss the opening, you have two more days to view the photos.

But why would you miss the opening? Meet the judges and some awesome Amsterdammers. View some killer photos.  And sample some of the sponsored goods: California wine from Barefoot Wines, craft beers from one of my favorite brewers and just some really solid guys, Butcher’s Tears (ask them about the name, it’s quite a good story!), and bites from Restaurant De Bolhoed.

See you Friday!


Nomnomnom! Yuuuuuum.

First attempt at homemade #dumplings a success. #yum Filled with shrimp, green onions, garlic, ginger, edamame and kale. The purse fold looks a lot better. Glad I rolled the dumpling wrapper super thin – two dumplings per one small wrapper. #nomnomnom Dipping sauce of toyomansi, ginger and sriracha. via Instagram http://instagram.com/p/fk1qF0uTaF/

Southern & Smoked w/ a side of Brits

Sampled HRC Amsterdam’s Southern & Smoked menu last night. Yum. Yum. Yum. May I suggest you add scrumptious and make it an alliteration trifecta.

The Texan.

While most of my fellow diners ordered the triple combo of ribs, pulled pork and bbq chicken, I ordered the Texan pulled pork sandwich and shared an order of the ribs. When “pigging”out, why waste room with chicken? The Texan is pulled pork with Chipotle and Hickory Bar-B-Que sauce, cheddar cheese, crispy jalapenos and crispy onions. (I did look up the calorie count but won’t repeat it here. The portions are large enough that you could easily share one sandwich plate with two people so if you’re on a diet maybe you should share it with 3 or 4.)

Cheddar is a rare commodity in Amsterdam. (No my Dutch friends, that American cheese junk you try to pass off as cheddar is NOT the real thing!) Plus the sandwich came with crispy jalapenos AND crispy onions. Sold! Verdict: Yum. I would definitely order this again.

Now I know it’s not the cool thing to be a local and go to touristy Hard Rock but seriously the food here is pretty good. If you’re hungry. Craving a little Americana. Just go. Eat. Experience gluttony the true American way! And if that’s not enough reason, go for the music and the heavy-handedly poured drinks.

We were lucky enough to catch Ben Montague and James Walsh last night. Here’s James performing his last number of the eve – one my faves, Lean On Me:

Ben Montague’s trumpet solo:

Other photos from the super fun evening: