Into Time – Rafaël Rozendaal

Just recently discovered artist Rafael Rozendaal and already I’m in love. Check out this lenticular print of his (below) and make sure to visit his website to see more of his work.

So what’s a lenticular print you ask? Wiki uses prizes found in a cracker jack box as an example but until today I thought Cracker Jacks had faded into the nostalgic abyss – turns out you can buy them on Amazon. Instead, here’s a video explaining this printing technique that I’m sure you’ve seen before but didn’t know what it was called. At least I didn’t.

Most lenticular prints I’ve played around with required moving the print in order for the composition of the image to change, like in the youtube video. I’m not sure with Rozendaal’s print if changing the viewing position – where the viewer moves around when looking at the print – has a similar effect or if you have to rotate the print like in the animated gif to see the image change.  Either way, it’s pretty darn cool.

(What I really wanted to post as an example was a pic of this kick ass lenticular printed Little Twin Stars pencil case that I picked up in Tokyo but I wasn’t able to find it in my parent’s attic. Oh well.)




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via thisiscolossal.com
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329 Broome Street, New York, NY 10002

From November 9th to 30th, 2011

First Apple is an ambitious work that seeks to recreate various scale models of New York City and in some cases to map these three dimensional renderings to the Twin Towers themselves. To create the base Espantaleón painstakingly constructed Manhattan in clay by forming 31,920 volumetric units each representing actual buildings, at a scale of 1/65. These volumes were then used to create pixelated city blocks from which he cast silicon molds that could in turn be used to reproduce each block with epoxy resin and polyurethane. This reproducible method allowed for a potentially unlimited exploration of space, color, material (and in some cases typography) resulting in the varied forms of architectural model pointillism.

Manhattan is also known as the Big Apple, fruit of discord associated with the creation of mankind through Adam and Eve. A vigorous, dynamic, powerful, changing and chaotic city, with great symbols such as the missing Twin Towers.

The Twin Towers were and will be the heart of Manhattan. Hence, the size of First Apple (86” x  13.38”) has the same proportion that these towers, in order to give more emphasis to the concept of “origin of the world.”

The pixel canvas of the different volumes that make the city, resemble the windows of skyscrapers. 

The artist has chosen white, Western symbol of spirituality and purity, as well the union of all the colours. The background of this pixel canvas generates different volumes, which create great contrasts of light. 


On this blank canvas, used as a grid sheet, the artist draws different motifs and symbols of the city, which are applied only to the top of the volumetric pixels. 


In total there are 25 individual artworks already displayed in Madrid. Now, Espantaleón is going to display in New York. 


The opening reception will be on November 9th at 8pm

More info:


So bummed that I missed seeing this in person.



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