So this happened…

Woohoo! Upgraded. Thanks @United. #rf #SeeYouIn2014Amsterdam via Instagram

Halloween is coming early to Amsterdam! At least for this girl it is. Will be checking out Nightmare on Rozengracht this Friday and I’m sooooo excited.

Nightmare on Rozengracht is a pop-up bar and Halloween Spookhuis from 18 October to 2 November. From their site:
More than a Spookhuis and scarier than a show, Nightmare on the Rozengracht is a journey into terror and unique in Amsterdam. It takes about 35 minutes plus waiting/drinking time in Bar117. There is no cover to enter the bar. Snacks and food by Hotmamahot. Courage Bar by J├Ągermeister.

This Friday, I’ll be attending as a Yelp elite there but there may still be slots left through the Discover Amsterdam Together meetup. Check out the event details here and sign up!

Will post pics after the event including my costume!


Nightmare on the Rozengracht @BoomChicago – Friday, are you here yet?


New discovery! I haven’t been yet but I’ve bookmarked this on yelp just in case I’m in the area and my bladder – arguably one of the world’s smallest – needs to be emptied.

2theloo’s are always clean, according the reviews I’ve read so far. At 1E a pop, it seems a rather pricey option when nature calls. However, when nature is screaming at you and there are no clean or suitable options nearby, 1E is much less than the cup of coffee I would feel obliged to buy when stopping at a cafe.

The 2theloo in Amsterdam (their flagship location) is conveniently located in the shopping area of Kalverstraat in City Centre.
Kalverstraat 126
1012 PK Amsterdam

Other locations: