A clutch that charges your phone. Genius! Adding this to my wishlist.

Preview their Spring Collection here. Alas it only works on these phones for now:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S IIIw

I wonder what the total capacity for the battery is and what  the total recharge time is?


Rooster While I Live I’ll Crow Pendant

updated: Birthday wish lists do work!!!  Wearing today…

original post:

The rooster is a Victorian symbol of pride and paired with its motto, it is a reminder to speak out and stand by your convictions. In heraldry, the rooster or cock symbolizes courage and perseverance; and is vigilant and protective. The flamboyant actor Robert Coates used to go out in a custom-built carriage with a heraldic device of a crowing cock and the motto “While I live, I’ll crow!”

I’ve been debating on getting this as a tattoo. Maybe I should sport the pendant first…


A Tribute to Oscar Niemeyer in 3D


Cathedral of Brasilia


Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum

I took a day trip to Brasilia in April of last year (about an hour 45 min plane ride from Sao Paulo) to visit the landmarks designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Brasilia itself is flat and rigid – to be somewhat expected from a masterplanned city conceived in the late 50s – but it serves as the perfect backdrop for Niemeyer’s work. If you’re a fan of architecture, I highly recommend a visit. The Cathedral of Brasilia will not disappoint.

Paddle8 has created a 3D tribute to Oscar Niemeyer as part of Visionaire’s Rio tribute. For $125, you can get a limited-edition portfolio of ten slides featuring 3D photographs of Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer’s iconic masterpieces.