Aida Bergsen Gold Diamond And Ruby Tongue Snake Ring


While the idea of being in the presence of a real life snake can be quite daunting if not frightful for many the use of snakes in jewellery always has been quite prevalent.  Viewed in some cultures as a symbol of rebirth or fertility snakes are  also seen in parts of Africa as a symbol of inner strength, energy, and spiritual power.

Aida Bergsen’s Medusa collection inspired by mythological symbols includes this snake ring  which artfully curves on the hand in a way that is thoroughly Highsnobette -worthy. See another image on the flip, it’s available from Couturelab.

Aida Bergsen1 ring 150x150 Aida Bergsen Gold Diamond And Ruby Tongue Snake Ring

Aida Bergsen1 ring2 150x150 Aida Bergsen Gold Diamond And Ruby Tongue Snake Ring



Drift Eyewear’s Wooden Frames


I’m in the market for new glasses and stumbled across Drift Eyewear’s line of responsibly-sourced wooden frames. My initial thought was that this was the optical equivalent of wooden tennis racquets – chunky, clunky and cumbersome (like Billie Jean King’s trademark specs).


Far from it. Drift Eyewear’s handmade frames are constructed from sustainable wood and the brand’s patent-pending laminated steel core. Each pair is hand finished for maximum comfort. The temples use the innovative PressureFLEX Technology™. This patent pending design provides an optimal combination of strength, flexibility, and balance. The balance is particularly key – preventing the frames from sliding down your nose (or if you’re bridge challenged like me, keeping the slipping to a minimum).

Also, the wood temples are waterproof and UV inert. This means they will not be affected by sun fading or being left in the rain. The wood frames are also very green, manufactured with FSC woods, zero VOC adhesives and coatings, organic fabrics, etc.

Now the bad news or if you’re an elitist, the exclusivity factor. The Timber collection (the ones I quite fancy and that are pictured above) are a limited collection of 100 pairs of each design. They are also available only at limited locations, in Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles. LA friends, you can pick up a pair at:


1636 Abbot Kinney Blvd

Venice, CA 90291