bamboo bikes by blackstar


So pretty and so green!


Love the interiors of Google’s super HQ in London.


“The space is “eco-massive” too. It is a few pegs short of LEED Platinum. It uses a very high content of reclaimed or recycled materials to great effect and complies with Google’s own Red List, which is highly tuned towards removing all of the nasty ingredients in materials through the use of many water based products. The space even smells healthy.”

“The Secret Gardens are also amazing. These are little private booths in a sun trapped balcony space, which create a special looking, yet densely seated area for those commercials. The booths seat one to four Googlers with a real box hedge wall to create privacy and to act as a wind/sun shield. Googlers will be competing to work in this space on their laptops on Google’s wireless.”


Bill Nye the Science Guy explains climate change. Thanks @ClimateReality

CLIMATE 101 from The Climate Reality Project on Vimeo.


Whether you believe in global warming or global cooling, the weather extremes around the globe is undeniable.  As I’m trudging through this hot and humid, July-like mid-September day, I’m acutely aware that there’s something awry and very thankful that NYC was barely brushed by Irene and lightly swayed by the earthquake (still freaky!).  The Climate Reality Project is an organization founded by Al Gore to bring the facts about the climate crisis into the mainstream and engage the public in conversation about how to solve it.  Check out their site including the above spot by Bill Nye the Science Guy explaining the science of climate change.  

And if climate change is not an issue for you, watch it anyway cause it’s Bill Nye the Science Guy!!


Tour Végétale de Nantes


Now this is a green building. This 17 story arboretum will be found in Prarie-au-Duc, an upcoming eco-neighborhood in Nantes, France. I hope they choose non flowering trees otherwise this building will be an allergy nightmare. Testing is underway in the botanical gardens of Nantes to test the viability of the plantation process.

I will be checking out the botanical garden in Nantes in two weeks.


Which fish are ok to eat?

Sustainable fish consumption visualized by the folks at Information is Beautiful


If you’re into spreadsheets, like me, this version is great to have loaded on your mobile.

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Or if you prefer, a fold-up pocket guide.

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