Parfum Hunt


While Saks for Her by Bond No 9 will always be my go-to scent, I’m on a hunt for a back up. Bal D’Afrique by Byredo (top) and Philosykos by Diptyque (bottom) are front-runners. Other similar scents that I should try out?


Bal D’Afrique


I found my fall scent during my trip to Stockholm. Byredo’s Bal D’Afrique. It’s their top seller and rightfully so. Wore this with Frederic Malle’s Carnal Flower on my shopping jaunt in Ostermalm and felt as luxurious as my surroundings, though Bal D’Afrique is exquisite all on its own.

A warm and romantic vetiver inspired by Paris in the late 20’s and its infatuation with African culture, art, music and dance. A mix of the Parisian avantgardism and African culture shaped a unique and vibrant expression. The intense life, the excess and euphoria is illustrated by Bal d’Afrique’s neroli, African marigold and Moroccan cedarwood.


Top: Bergamot, lemon, neroli, african marigold, bucchu

Heart: Violet, jasmin petals, cyclamen

Base: Black amber, musk, vetiver, moroccan cedarwood


Tuberose Face Off


In my hunt for a signature scent, I’ve narrowed down the base note to tuberose. On my short list, from my original set (http://seewhatihear.blogspot.com/2011/03/spring-scent.html), Diptyque’s Do Son and Bond No 9 Saks Fifth for Her. Joining these two are Fracas and Frederic Malle’s Carnal. I have yet to try Fracas (heading to BG shortly for a sample) but will take Frederic Malle’s word on it: “Fracas is the big tuberose reference of perfumery, and tuberose is the most carnal of the floral notes. It smells like very, very hot flesh after you’ve had sex — that’s the bottom line.” Damn.


Kuntzel Deygas Roseros | diptyque Paris

Valentines Day is almost here and while it is not my favorite holiday – you can’t force love people! – I do adore this timely limited edition candle duo collaboration by consistently covetable diptyque and the dynamic illustrating duo, Kuntzel & Deygas.

This candle duo was also the inspiration for my friend Jen’s Saints and Sinners party, which is coming up this weekend. Can’t wait!

Kuntzel + Deygas Roseros by diptyque Paris from diptyque Paris on Vimeo.