added to blogroll: come-se / brazilian foodie blog


Need to brush up on my Portuguese especially now that I’m not heading to Rio at the end of the month. Como-se is a mouthwatering foodie blog. E tudo em portugues mas se você não fala português as fotos são lindas. Ou voce pode usar Google Translate.


IM in Portuguese

Kkkkk Laughing out loud

Rsrsrs Lol

Vc You

Cd Where are/is (cadê)

Oq, q, oke, o q What (O que, que)

pq Why (por que)

Tbm, tb Also (também)

td Everything (tudo)

tc Chat (teclar) Blz Great, “Word” (Beleza)

Aki Here (aqui)

Recently discovered a great site for those interested in learning Brasilian Portuguese. Has handy info too like common IM terms for when I get comfortable enough to start chatting away.